Are you a graphic designer in Rwanda? A comprehensive guide to presenting your logo design project to a client.

If you are a designer in Rwanda, chances are you don’t invest as much effort in creating meaningful presentations for your logo concepts. Creating a good logo is one thing, but presenting it to clients is even more challenging. In this blog, we will explore how you can present your logo concepts to clients, win more projects, and grow your business.

Man presenting logo design project

Importance of Presenting Your Logo Concept

Many designers in Rwanda underestimate the power of presenting their concepts. However, no matter how good your logo is, if you don’t present it the right way, its impact won’t be recognized. More importantly, you won’t be able to charge higher fees.

  1. Showcases Your Expertise
    Presenting your logo concept professionally demonstrates your expertise. It shows that you have a structured approach and a deep understanding of design principles. A well-prepared presentation reflects your dedication and effort, making a strong impression on clients.
  2. Allows for Premium Pricing
    A well-presented concept can justify higher prices for your services. Clients are willing to pay more when they see the value and thought process behind the design. By showcasing the depth of your work, you create a compelling case for premium pricing.
  3. Enhances Client Satisfaction
    Clients are more likely to appreciate and love your design concepts when they understand the rationale and thought process behind them. A thorough presentation helps clients feel involved and valued, leading to greater satisfaction with the final product.
  4. Builds a Professional Portfolio
    A well-documented presentation helps create a professional portfolio that can attract more clients and showcase your skills effectively. This portfolio becomes a powerful marketing tool, demonstrating your ability to deliver high-quality, well-considered designs.

What to Include in Your Logo Design Presentation

Recall the Creative Brief

It is crucial to remind your clients what they initially wanted by referring to the creative brief provided by them. This ensures that both of you are on the same page and sets the context for your design. Revisiting the brief helps align your presentation with the client’s original vision and objectives.

Present the Concept

Explain your ideas and how they were inspired by the company’s history, mission, or brief. Show the constructive process with visual examples of drawings or rough sketches. This not only clarifies your design choices but also illustrates the journey from concept to final design.

Discuss any challenges you faced during the design process and how you overcame them. This helps build a connection with your client and highlights your problem-solving skills. Sharing these insights can foster trust and demonstrate your resilience and creativity.

Logo icon in black and white

Present the logo icon in black and white first to showcase its beauty, balance, and simplicity without distractions like colors. This allows the client to focus on the core design elements, ensuring they appreciate the logo’s fundamental strengths before considering color schemes.

logo icon in colors

Show your logo on a clean white background and, if necessary, on a dark background. Allow the client to observe it for a few moments before moving on. This step highlights how the logo adapts to different color contexts, emphasizing its versatility and impact.

color palette

Explain how the chosen colors resonate with the brief and align with the overall branding goals and target audience. Detail the psychological and cultural significance of the colors, linking them to the brand’s identity and values.

logo presentation with mockups

Use mockups to show how the logo would appear in real-life applications. Choose minimal and well-crafted mockups that reflect your client’s vision. For instance, if your client is starting a fashion boutique, use mockups of fashion packaging and clothing brands to illustrate the logo’s practical utility and aesthetic appeal.

Free Design Resources for Graphic Designers in Rwanda

Freepik is a great resource for mockups, illustrations, images, videos, and more. Its extensive stock of free resources will surely meet your needs. The platform offers a variety of design elements that can enhance your presentations and add professional polish to your work.

Unblast is my go-to website for free professional mockups. It aggregates resources from thousands of websites, offering professionally created mockups in terms of composition, colors, and more. This makes it easier to find high-quality visuals that elevate your logo presentations.

Behance is a hub for creators to post their portfolios. Many creators generously share their resources, making it a valuable platform for free design assets. Browsing through Behance can also provide inspiration and insight into current design trends and techniques.


You might think all of this effort for just 50k Rwf isn’t worth it, but the truth is that even though you might not be making a lot initially, this approach will enable you to raise your prices significantly. A well-presented project not only showcases your expertise but also justifies higher pricing.

By following these guidelines, you can improve the way you present your logo design projects, attract more clients, and elevate your graphic design business in Rwanda.